Meet the startups coordinating collective action to disrupt pricing for SaaS, cloud services, and data storage

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Information Technology (IT) is filled with closed markets, while open markets fill our everyday life. Startups are harnessing the same 3 ingredients from the GameStop Short Squeeze of 2021 to bring open markets — and huge price corrections — to corporate IT.

In the technology world, most buying and selling occurs in closed markets. Sure, if you buy a single laptop, you hit “Buy” on and a box arrives— in the corporate IT world, where most of the 4 trillion dollar IT market spend occurs, no one pays retail.

  • SaaS, cloud, and data storage vendors sell at an artificially…

Unblock your team with a micro feedback routine

Photo by Ralph Hutter on Unsplash

How do you know when your team is stuck?

Everyone experiences small frustrations that block their work. When managers hear about them, it’s often only when subtle issues have grown into larger problems. This is especially true for remote teams.

Subtle issues are hard to track with traditional one-on-one feedback. To unblock your team, you need a faster feedback routine.

What traditional feedback looks like

Let’s imagine a development team at Shakespeare Unlimited, a company I just made up. They are racing to improve Hal, their cutting-edge AI software, which creates new plays written just like the Bard.

The team…

Evan Baer

I advise select clients on technology management.

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